Premium White Hair Monkey Jasmine Tea 500g 1.1 lb

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Fujian, China
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500g (1.1 lb)

White Hair Monkey is a rare semi-fermented green tea that comes from Fujian province. The material is one bud two leaves or three leaves system picked from Da Bai Cha and Da Hao Cha trees in Fuding and Zhenghe county. The dry appearance of the leaf is said to resemble a monkey’s hair. It belongs to green tea category which was created in 1910 by Mr. Fan Chang Yi, a tea vendor in Fujian. As the process to make this tea is between green tea and white tea, local people call it as 'White Green'. The tea leaves are beautifully curled and fully covered with white down. The taste is smooth and rich with a sweetness similar to that of sugar cane. The added infusion of inspiring jasmine makes this a sweet and smooth cup of tea with a sweet, pure mellow taste, intense flavor.

White Hair Monkey from Dragon Tea House is the highest grade fresh tea from China, it is also called as Snow Jade Rabbit.